Treatment Plans

Our initial evaluation consists of a semi-structured interview that encompasses the presenting problem, a history of the problem, and mastery of age-appropriate developmental milestones. We also obtain an educational and medical history. When working with adults, our clinicians look at your relationship history, work history, and any substance abuse issues.

Compassionate Patient Care & Specialized Treatment Plans

We offer compassionate patient care for behavioral health issues at our offices in West Barnstable and South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

Treatment Plans

Often, brief treatments based on precise problem definition alleviate most behavioral health problems. We conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the main issues that need to be addressed. When you or your child present with behavioral health issues, with consent, we will consult with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and community agencies in order to make effective progress.

We also employ standardized rating scales to provide an objective picture of how the member’s functioning compares to same-age and gender cohorts. Additionally, neuro-psychological testing and independent school evaluations are available.

Through this broad range of data collection, we develop a more complete picture of the member, including personal strengths. Once these steps are completed, we present our findings and discuss them in a treatment meeting. We identify clinically significant evaluation results so that we can select both possible treatment objectives and treatment options. Once the right plan is agreed upon, treatment commences.

Many of the treatment services we offer are evidenced-based which means that they have been demonstrated to be effective in double-blind treatment trials at major universities across the country.